Back-Drop VS No Back-Drop

Our Basic and Superstar packages do not include a back-drop and the mirror faces the room. Our Luxury and Premium packages have a backdrop (and green screen) included and the set up is different. Both are excellent options. Below is some info on the different set-ups, how they look, and the photographs they produce.

Basic & SuperStar - Mirror Faces Room

superstar magic mirror

With this set-up, the mirror faces the room. The mirror has a great impact visually, and the red carpet and rope barriers really help to create a cool looking trendy photo booth solution. The hollywood lights draw your guests to the mirror, and you can cram in up to (approx) 7 or 8 in one photo. The only negative with this set-up is room-noise. If your room is quite busy, it will show up in your photographs background. Typically the room is quite dark, so it isn’t a problem. This is our most common option and comes with 1 booth butler (operator)

pic taken with party photo booth

Luxury & Premium - Mirror Faces Back-Drop

With our Luxury and Premium packages, the mirror faces the back-drop. We use a different red carpets and create a walk in-walk out area. The mirror still has a great impact, but with the added bonus of even/clean backgrounds in the photographs. There are 6 back-drops to choose from. View the back drops here.

We recommend from experience, that we start your event with a back-drop for some clean and classy photographs… we then change to green screen half way through for those fun shots against a choice of approx 35 green screen backgrounds. This set-up can fit approx 15 of your guests in 1 photograph & comes with 2 booth butlers (attendants)

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