Back-Drop VS No Back-Drop

Our Basic and Superstar packages do not include a back-drop and the mirror faces the room. Our Luxury and Premium packages have a backdrop (and green screen) included and the set up is different. Both are excellent options. Below is some info on the different set-ups, how they look, and the photographs they produce.

Basic & SuperStar - Mirror Faces Room

superstar magic mirror

With this set-up, the mirror faces the room. The mirror has a great impact visually, and the red carpet and rope barriers really help to create a cool looking trendy photo booth solution. The hollywood lights draw your guests to the mirror, and you can cram in up to (approx) 7 or 8 in one photo. The only negative with this set-up is room-noise. If your room is quite busy, it will show up in your photographs background. Typically the room is quite dark, so it isn’t a problem. This is our most common option and comes with 1 booth butler (operator)

pic taken with party photo booth

Luxury & Premium - Mirror Faces Back-Drop

With our Luxury and Premium packages, the mirror faces the back-drop. We use a different red carpets and create a walk in-walk out area. The mirror still has a great impact, but with the added bonus of even/clean backgrounds in the photographs. There are 6 back-drops to choose from. View the back drops here.

We recommend from experience, that we start your event with a back-drop for some clean and classy photographs… we then change to green screen half way through for those fun shots against a choice of approx 35 green screen backgrounds. This set-up can fit approx 15 of your guests in 1 photograph & comes with 2 booth butlers (attendants)

Our Prop Collection

Prop Collection - Create Fun Memories!

Props really help to get your guests involved in the fun. Typically, guests will start the evening with less prop usage, and as the night proceeds (and the drinks flow) the props play an important part in creating variety & fun to your event pictures. Below is list of our current prop inventory. Prop availability cannot be guaranteed due to breakages and lost items, but it is usually the small items that suffer & the main props are usually fine.

  • 1x Large foam picture frame (gold)
  • 1x InstaFrame (instagram style frame – customisable)
  • Raster hat
  • Police hat
  • Sailor hat
  • 2x Masquerade face mask
  • Pirate hat
  • Pink cowgirl hat
  • Pink wig
  • 6x Wedding themed signs (‘Best wedding ever, bride, groom’ etc)
  • ‘Im here for the beer’ sign
  • ‘Wine o’clock’ sign
  • Facebook ‘like’ sign
  • 6x colours of Kanye style glasses
  • Joke large glasses
  • Boas x3
  • Star glasses x2
  • Censored glasses x1
  • pineapple glasses x2
  • Blow-up champagne bottle
  • Blow up guitars x5
  • Blow up Sax x2
  • Blow up microphones x4
  • Mexican hat x1
  • Cowboy hat x1
  • Blow up stereo x1

Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire In Surrey

Looking to hire a magic mirror booth in Surrey?

If you’re looking to hire a magic mirror photo booth for your event in Surrey, you will find this page useful. We have included everything you need from start to finish, from detailed information on the magic mirrors and their operation, to pricing, availability and booking procedure. Read more below to arm yourself with all of the information you need to hire a magic mirror photo booth in Surrey. Scroll tot he bottom of the page to view our Magic Selfie Mirror promo video.

Why a Magic Mirror?

Simply put, they’re the most modern and attractive photo booth out there. They’re also packed with cool features, such as social sharing, 42″ touchscreen, DSLR cameras & almost instant pro quality sub-dye photo printers. The open air aspect of the Magic Mirror is its coolest feature… Your guests can cram into 1 photograph creating awesome lasting memories. Our personal record is 12 in one photograph, but is bound to be broken soon! Magic Mirrors undoubtedly create an ice breaker with their open air style. Our Mirror set-ups are pro quality.. The mirror supplied to your event will be a £10,000 piece of kit including the props and accessories!

Light up frame on magic mirror photo booth

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props at an event in Surrey

A Typical Hire:

After booking a typical hire would involve the following on the day:

  • We would typically arrive at 6pm. the booth attendant would load the mirror to the desired location within the venue & begin to set it up. Any social sharing options would be set up at this point if wifi was available.
  • Once the magic photo mirror is set up, the attendant would change into smart clothes and turn on the hollywood frame lights, signalling that the mirror is ready to use.
  • During the hire period, the attendant would guide your guests in using the mirror, where to look, encourage props, hand guests photographs and help with functions on the mirror such as the touchscreen signing feature.
  • At the end of the hire period, the attendant would turn off the hollywood lights signalling the end of the mirror for your event. They would then pack down the equipment and load out.
  • The attendant would hand you a USB stick containing digital jpeg versions of all of the images taken by the mirror.

Key features of our Magic Photo Mirrors

Hiring a mirror with us in Surrey makes a lot of sense.. why, because we’re from Surrey, so no fuel charges are added for Surrey hires. Below are the key features of Magic Photo Mirror hire with us:


Magic Mirror Availability in Surrey

Check our availability calendar below to see if we have a mirror available on your big day in Surrey. we have multiple mirrors, and they’re all manufactured in either 2016 or 2017, so they’re nice and new!


<2022> June
May 30
May 31
Jul 1
Jul 2
Jul 3

Ok, Ok... How much?

Check it out yourself by using our very own instant pricing tool. Just choose your county as Surrey, add the package and any extras you want, and the price will be displayed instantly at the foot of the calculator:

Choosing & Booking A Photo Booth

Which type of booth?

The first thing you will want to decide upon when contemplating hiring a photo booth, is which type of booth you want to hire. Open booths (as opposed to the walk in pod type) are becoming very popular of late. The advantages of an open booth over the enclosed type include the option to fit more people in the photograph, the social element of friends and family being able to watch the posing, and ignominy cases, the visual aesthetic of the open style booth. Open booths are often an attractive addition to the function room, which helps to add interest, and creates more interest in using the booth than a closed in booth would.

The closed in booths are still great addition tot he party, and many businesses offering photo booth hire will compensate for clients who’d like a more private set-up, by offering an enclosure in the form of a blow up walk-in pod. 

So its up to you to first decide if you’d like a more sociable open-booth style, or the more private capsule type.

How long will I need to hire the booth for?

This usually comes down tot he amount of guests you are expecting at your event. A wedding of up to 150 guests, should be fine with a three hour hire (which is the standard hire period in the UK). Any more guests, and you may want to consider a four hour hire to give everyone a chance to enjoy the booth.

Level with me.. how much?

Lots of shrewd business props get you into the buying funnel, convert the click, pull you in with a slogan, obtain a contact initiation, then tell you a price.

Me, I’m less subtle:

In the States, boothers will be gasping at how low these prices are, but in the UK they’re just a tad below average in a competitive market. The American service usually includes custom templates (and usually costs an average of $1000 for a 3hr hire), which as you read on, you’ll realise why the price difference is so drastic.

Keep it local!

Fuel costs money. Booths can’t be transported by horse and cart. Vehicles need fuel. Fuel costs money (did I already say that?)… Ah look, I’ll stop trying to be smart: Less distance = Less fuel surcharges.

Backdrops.. Do I need one?

If you have opted for a closed in booth, you won’t need to consider a backdrop. If you are hitting up the on trend open booth style, then personally I would always answer this question with a big YES. There are exceptions, when space is limited or ceiling height is shallow, but in general, your photographs will look so much better with a nice backdrop. When backdrops aren’t used, the photos may contain your aunt Jean chewing your brothers ear off, or the bar staff pulling a frothy pint. Backdrops keep the photos clean, and a good hire firm with a pro quality backdrop set up will still keep the set-up looking neat and tidy. Pillow-cover tension frames and backdrops are my personal favourite for their tidyness and crease free appearance. 

What is a template?

Templates are the background of the photographs themselves. Good suppliers of photo booth hire will usually give you some options on templates. Typically you would choose a colour and they would offer you a selection from their catalogue. You should also be able to add your chosen text, such as your names and wedding date, or Happy Birthday Jack etc. This should all be included in your chosen suppliers package.

Custom design templates (designed just for you) will incur design charges. If you imagine a photo booth hire business sending 4 booths out, 3 times per week, its easy to understand why fully custom templates involve design charges. You could expect to pay upwards of £150-200 for custom design as a basic service. If you wanted multiple edits, you’d probably be looking upwards of 400-500. Not worth the money in my opinion, but some folks have more money than me!

OK, break it down for me...

Right ok, ill get to the nitty gritty. As a boother (a business hiring out photo booths), I would recommend the following, and I’m amazing.. so……

  • An open booth – either a mirror, or a pod style. Id personally want prints of the photos (as opposed to just a media booth (one which just takes a pic and lets you view the photo on a screen/phone etc)
  • A backdrop – Block out venue clutter.
  • A colour customised template with your message or logo integrated onto the template.
  • 3 or 4 hours of unlimited visit (to the booth) hire.

What about guestbooks etc?

Sure, pick a provider that offers a few incentives to sweeten the deal. A lot of UK boothers offer a free USB stick with the photos from the event in jpeg format (no template background) & a free photo album (slip in style) guestbook.

But I totes wanna share my pics online..

Modern booths have sharing options built in, but they are completely dependant on wi-fi connections, so check with your venue if you can connect and if so… Facebook is a go-go!

You haven't mentioned green screens?

Im detecting a little attitude in your questions…ha, green screens can be used instead of the backdrop. Boothers (you’re talking the lingo now) will often use the same set-up for green screens as they do for backdrops, so pop your request in and you’ll be posing in front of mount Everest before you know it!

Im bored now.. too much writing on this page!

Ok fine! here are some pics then.

Good luck in booking your booth. Oh btw, make sure you pick a hire business who will offer you a contract for the agreement. Deposit average in UK is £50 and the remainder of the balance is usually due on the day of the event.

I hope you’ve found this useful. Comment any more info you’d like and ill make some edits!

Heres a video!