Christmas Party

Christmas template on green screen

Christmas Party 

A magic photo mirror is the ultimate Christmas party photo booth, or booth for any party! Mainly due to its open air functionality, meaning guests can mingle, take large group shots and view the action from a far. This is a cocktail for a great evening & the extensive collection of wigs, hats and other cracking props create the perfect ice breaker at your party. We have featured at over 600 events, offering our various services in the entertainment industry.

Open Air Booth

Open air touch-screen mirror photo booth, perfect for a party environment. Guests can sign their creations, or add emojis. Our booth butler will be on hand to make sure everyone has a great night!

Seasonal Props

As well as our large standard prop collection, we add seasonal props when that time of the year comes around. One of your guests will want to keep the Santa beard!

Social Sharing Station

QR code is printed onto each photograph & images are uploaded to a cloud server. Your guests can scan the code & view every image taken within 60 seconds after it has printed. Share on Facebook & Twitter, or email the pics to themselves!

Hollywood Red Carpet

Who wouldn't want a red carpet at a party? Our red carpet and rope barriers fit perfectly with the Hollywood light up frames to create a focal point & draw your guests towards the mirror!

Every Christmas Party Booking Includes:

Prices From Just £325

Book your Christmas party photo booth today! We have multiple booths, so we should have a mirror available for your date!