Congratulations! You're on your way to hiring a premium photo booth!

We have tried to answer all of your frequently asked questions below, but please feel free to email us if you have a query that isn’t covered & we will be in touch within 1 hour.

Mirror or Selfie Pod? Both options are fantastic booths. The mirror has the wow factor, which helps to draw your guests towards it & serves as an great ice breaker, meaning plenty of visits throughout the night from your guests.

The pod has amazing studio quality images. We use a high end flashlight (often only seen in studios) & every hire comes with a choice of 6 backdrops, giving you a standard of photo booth image that is unrivalled.

Mirror bookings come with a prop table, red carpet, rope barriers and unlimited visits during the hire period. 

Pod bookings come with a prop trunk, backdrop and unlimited visits during the hire period.

What is included? The following are included with every hire: props, photo album guest book, USB stick, unlimited visits to booth. As well as the standard features included in the previous list, you can add on extras (for an additional charge) such as double prints, social sharing stations, additional hours of hire and green screen options.

What is the image quality like? Our booths/mirrors are manufactured by  world renowned photo booth manufacturers, and as a result, all of the equipment is of industry standard. Photo booth photography differs from other photography in the fact that the camera is manually adjusted at the beginning of the event & is then controlled by the Photo Booth after initial set-up. Our manufacturer advises that we set our booth cameras to manual focus before the event starts, by finding a common standing position and focusing on that point. Auto-focus operation can lead to software errors within the booth, so we do not use auto-focus. Therefore, the positioning of the guests will determine the focus of the images. Our booth butlers will always be on hand to recommend the best standing places for your guests. Visits are unlimited, so if a shot is a tad blurry.. you can always take another shot! 

Cool! How do I book? You’re already on your way…Send us your enquiry via our contact page and we will check if we have a mirror available for your date. If so, we would then guide you through the booking process via email. 

How does the green screen work? We lean towards the american style of open booth for our green screens. We set up our high-end pillow case/tension frame close to a wall . The green screen is attached to this frame. We then position the mirror to face the green screen (so back to the open part of the room) and set up the camera to ensure the green screen backdrop is in the whole shot.

Guests can then have the option of adding a background from a selection of fun and themed backgrounds. We have places, superhero, natural (and more) categories. There are 4 selections per category. Green screens are a great way to add interest to your guests snaps & are particularly popular for kids, or seasonal parties.

Can I customise the photo backgrounds? The background of the print paper (on which your photos appear) can be chosen from our section of available backgrounds. View our backgrounds here 

How does the social sharing work? When social sharing is possible (subject to good wifi connection) each photo that is printed is uploaded to a cloud server. The prints will contain a QR code, which anyone with a smart phone can scan. Upon scanning the QR, guests will be directed to the cloud website address, and will be able to view all of the pictures taken during the event. Guests can share to Facebook or twitter, or email the pics to themselves from the cloud server website.

So what is the social station/kiosk then? The social station is an iPad locked in a iPad lectern that is set to the cloud server web page (see above). This is very useful for guests to socialise and view the pics together (including email & sharing options), and particularly useful for guests who do not have a QR reader. Multiple social sharing stations can be set-up for an additional charge.

Can the booths be positioned upstairs? The short answer is yes, but for venues with over 5 steps in 1 staircase, or tight doorways (such as residential venues) access would nee dot be discussed prior to booking. The dimensions of our mirrors are 920mm(w) x 1570mm(h) x 575mm(d). If you have large stairways to access the set up point, we can provide a 2nd booth butler to help with load-in/load-out at an additional cost.

Pods can be transported up stairs without any issues.

What is the standard arrival, set up and operating times? For weddings, it is most common to arrive 6pm, set up for 7pm, start 7.30pm and finish at 10.30pm. Timings are VERY flexible (excluding the operation period), so if you have a kids party, or daytime function, we can work that out no problem!

Is there a charge for fuel costs? Outside of Surrey, there is a at-cost fuel charge of 25pence per mile driven from RH98EH postcode. So for a venue 30 miles away (60 round trip) from the above postcode that is not in surrey, fuel costs would be £15.

Surrey based venues incur no fuel charges.

Is my booking def reserved? Once you have signed and returned your contract and we have received your deposit in cleared funds, you’re in the diary! After in excess of 650 gigs in the wedding industry (various services) we have NEVER missed a date.

Can I have my company logo on the pics? Yes you can! You can have two in fact.

How much space is required to set up the booth/mirror? For the full mirror set-up with red carpet and rope barriers we recommend an area roughly 3m x 3m. The mirror can be stand alone if space is tight.

For green screen/physical backdrop  set-ups 4m wide x 3m deep works better & rope barriers are placed to create a walk in open booth type of set-up. 

Can I purchase an additional hour? You sure can, currently for £99, which covers the additional paper & ink required & our booth butlers extra wages for staying late!

What is the free guestbook like? Guest books are scrapbook style. Guests stick their images with glue-stick & write a message. Scrapbooks work better with double prints.. one for the book & one for the guests to keep.

Can kids use the mirror? Absolutely! The booth butler will set the mirror/camera up differently for a kids party, making sure the little ones are in the shots! At weddings, mum might have to hold very small children as they might be out of the camera shot otherwise. Never been a problem.

What props do you have? Our guide prop list (which is subject to change due to items going missing) can be viewed here, along with some pics of our prop table set-up.

Can I use some of my own props? Sure. Please add only kid safe props, so avoid any continuous loop necklaces etc.

Can you arrive to set up early? Early arrival charges apply if you’d like us to set-up the booth and make ourselves scarce for a few hours. Currently charged at £49 per hour.

Can I purchase a step & repeat backdrop for my company event? Our backdrop suppliers can make your custom physical tension step and repeat backdrop. We would need 1 months notice to allow shipping from USA. The costs vary, but average £295.

Standard colour/pattern backdrops can be purchased for £225