Customising Your Photo Booth Experience

There are a few options when it comes to customising your hire experience. This short guide will highlight the possibilities included with most* hire providers as standard, and will also touch on full customisation, which typically involves an additional fee.

An introduction to the elements of your prints

The image below highlights the three elements available for customising on your photo prints.

Green Screen Backgrounds

Most hire providers offer a green screen option. This may or may not be included in your package, so double check on that one. Once you’ve picked the option, you would typically be presented with around 15 different backgrounds to choose from at the event. These backgrounds often involve famous places, movie sets and outer space backgrounds.

It is possible to customise your green screen backgrounds. Any image that fits into the booths dimension requirements can be added. Obviously, you would want a high resolution image, as a poor image would likely ruin your prints rather than enhance them. 

A note on licensing… Unless the image you wanted to use was your own (taken by your own camera), you’d need to purchase the image on a image library site (such as ShutterStock or iStockphoto). Even on these pro image sites, some images are not licensed for usage in photo booths (or any other commercial related projects). These un-lisecned images are usually brand based, such as distinctive company designs or football stadiums etc. 

You’ll be fine with the other 10 million billion gazillion images to choose from though, so its no big deal! The sites have a search bar, so you’ll be fine.

Your hire provider can arrange the purchase and upload of your chosen background(s) and add image costs to your invoice. Image costs are typically around £4-5 per image. A set of green screen backgrounds on a Magic Photo Mirror consists of 6 images. So £30 ish.

Physical Backdrops

A great alternative to green screen backgrounds is a physical backdrop. This style is very popular in the US, and is fast becoming the preferred ‘open booth’ hire choice in the UK.

A physical backdrop is literally a stand and a backdrop draped over the stand. Your booth will then face the backdrop, providing a good quality background to the photographs.

There are a few different types of backdrop set-ups out there. We use pillow-cover tension backdrops imported from the US. These backdrops are crease free, and are neat and tidy in the event function room, thus not creating a bit of a messy set-up in your venue.

Below is a catalogue of our backdrop offerings, *pics from our supplier (credit Brian Ginsberg of PB backdrops, USA)

Logo Overlays

This option isn’t just for corporate clients! You can add your wedding text, or a birthday message to your prints. This service is usually free & included in your hire.

Typically, a hire provider will have a choice of 10 wedding themed overlays for you to choose from. This applies to birthdays and other occasions too. Take a look at a few text overlay examples in the pis below:

Overlays For Corporate Clients

Your company logo can be added to the prints. You would email the png file to your booth hire provider, and they’d do the rest. There would not typically be any charges for this service.

Photo Background

This is the part of the print that sits behind the actual photograph(s) taken by the booth. Much like the green screen options, this can be any image that conforms to the booth softwares image size requirements. The same sources can be used to find your desired background image. 

Your hire provider will also have a choice to pick from. You could usually choose from  around 20-30 backgrounds.

If none of them suit your party or wedding colour scheme, grab an image from ShutterStock, and send it over to your hire provider for upload. Some hire providers may charge for the uploads, as there is editing involved to make everything sit correctly on the prints.

Tips On Customising

That is customisation in summary really. Different hire providers will have different processes and charges for the above options, but generally speaking the price will often result in a similar figure whether the above are already included (in a hire base rate), or the add-ons top up the price from a low base rate.

Our best tip is to keep things simple. Cluttered backgrounds detract from the subject.. YOU!

Repetitive patterns are great, as when they’re re-sized down to the booth softwares requirements, the pattern is still apparent. Photos will suffer from copping issues upon re-sizing.

Recommended customising from our experience:

  1. Use the preset green screen files if choosing the green screen option. Otherwise use a physical backdrop.
  2. Pick a simple repetitive background from the suppliers list, or your own from ShutterStock. You will want to base this on your wedding colour scheme, company colours or your favourite colour.
  3. Pick a text overlay from your suppliers list. These logos are far superior to the basic text line that most booth software implements. 

I hope you have found this article useful.


Nick Morris

SuperStar Photo Booths